Fate Inspired by Yassy66

Fate, it brought me my truelove
48.5 years were still going strong!
Fate, it then brought me you,
2 months, that’s not that long,
Your succinct words, your view,
Your fears, your hopes, strong.
Mirrored me, a connection grew.
Platonic, some say that it is wrong,
Let all the world jump in the stew.
Love for all and each other strong.
War banished, let platonic love accrue.
One will know when it happens,
True loves way, with all its passions!
Tickity tockity goes ones heart!*
Always right, never wrong, this is it!*
True love will bring peace to all, to the
* Words from an Adam Faith song.
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

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