A Haibun – Garden Surprises

Garden Surprises



Hedge clipping, weeding, log sawing, clearing up the mess. All done and dusted, still not the time to rest. The sun, its took its cloak off, the clouds  all gone away. My cameras at the ready, time for some photographic play. Flies, burrowing bee, Japanese red maple its blossom on display. Then on the ground growing ivy a ladybird I spied. With great stealth I approached, a photo I would not be denied. Success, a capture, well pleased I called it a day. Pictures now on my laptop, all cropped, quality adjusted, now ready for display. The maple, blooms of beauty, bees  busy buzzing, flies consummating, Ladybug, well no a beetle, a relative of the lady, sun bathing.  All done, near ready for uploading, just a haiku, then Word Press here we come.

natures joys out there
mysteries and memories
garden surprises


© Mick E Talbot


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