No Destiney

! No Destiney !

The human race is self sufficient!
Why the need to kill, steal, why the trend?
Why are folk starving, but most content?
The affluent why cant they comprehend.
Spread their wealth with good intent.
Their lives, dellusions, why pretend, will end!

All that are able show empathy to the needy,
Help the poor, the weak, do not be greedy.
Nature left undisturbed, and unpolluted
The world would survive, do not refute it.
All life sustains each other, nature knows
The human race, guilty of most earths woes!

Have we time to put nature back together?
Some scientists say “NO”, thats not clever!
I’ve screamed, begged, shouted so, so loud.
To individuals, groups, an unlistening crowd.
What will it take to make the whole world see
Our childrens children no future, no destiny!


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


2 thoughts on “No Destiney”

  1. Powerfully and passionately written. If everyone would do what the are able to, it would help greatly. Though I’m of low-income status, I send checks to a local homeless mission; my relatively small amount helps feed a goodly number.

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  2. No artists work is ever finished, I feel that way about my poetry, Again I thank you RL, for your generosity with your accolades of my poetry, truly most grateful.



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