Write Now March 17th 2017


Today’s Prompt: He had no idea that walking into the local pub that night would change his life.

A Job For Life

He had no idea that walking into the local pub that night would change his life. He hadn’t been in more then five minutes, when his friend, the pub manager, Trevor, came running up to him, a worried look on his face, “Mick,  you’ve got to help me, I have the health and safety guys here in any second, I’ve heard you have a knack of clearing smoke from pub bars, any chance you can clear this smog”. Mick looked at him, smiled, took one huge intake of breath, cleared the smoke filled bar instantly. Trev, looked at him in amazement, saying, “How on earth did you manage that”? He looked him with a wry look, and said, “Honestly Trevor, you telling me you didn’t know that I am an ex-tractor fan”?

That one act got him a job for life, yep you’ve got it, he now charges, definitely not into tractors anymore, but as an ex tractor fan it’ll cost a grand for every intake, cheaper than losing a pub, plus a fine of £25,000. He looked at me gasping,”Phew, I’m all puffed out, very busy night”,  bade all good night, and left just as the H & S guys were entering.


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


Write Now for March 17th 2017




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