Monoku – Acrostic

An Acrostic Monoku style

Mick E Talbot Poems

Monoku – Acrostic

Serious, hark, loves baited breath, begging, the deer rut begins.

Expectant does, summer sun will nurture fawns, winter could be bleak.

Respite, now winter, longed for winter sunny days, springtime fills the air.

Invertebrates, beware springtime ticks, lyme disease, prevalent due south.

Otters widespread, expanding north, south, west, east, cities too, at night.

Uninvited guests, grey squirrels, stealing bird food, nice, but still a pest.

Springtime soon, beware, no burning compost heaps, hedgehogs do take care.

Nature beguiling, often can be deceptive, what’s wrong, can be right.

Exciting starlings, vast murmurations, patterns fill the sky.

Sarling, nestling flying yes, t’was assisted, magpies breakfast fare.

Seriousness ends, summertime is full of cheer, autumns in despair.

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

The Daily  Post Feb 13, 2017 Daily Prompt: Seriousness

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7 thoughts on “Monoku – Acrostic”

    1. Traditionally, from what I have read, but no doubt you’ll find modernist that say it does not matter, but I think it does. Its a haiku in a single, with the same syllable count as a normal one, 14. Hope that helps. Sorry for the delay. (


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