Rain Some Haiku Tanka Too – To Wash Away The Threats of WAR!

Rain Some Haiku Tanka Too, to Wash Away The Threats of WAR! Let peace prevail!


raindrops the sky cries
in happiness all knowing
its tears invoke life
life without rain
dew drops if their lucky
desert respite
rain life support
air life dependent breath
pollution poisons
rivers flow
moon maintains the ocean tides
rain sated all
the rain of war
thermonuclear power
one drop life all gone
we pray for rain
lets hope that’s what we get
not raining slaughter
my haiku down pour
my heart was overflowing
words now resorted
mixed up happy scary
remember world two
obeying orders
seventy plus years
still obeying orders
short memories
have we really forgot
just obeying orders
say no to drugs no crime
no hate no wars let peace be
no threats be happy
do i need a ©
tomorrow might never come
i care more for peace
by M E T so wish we had!


2 thoughts on “Rain Some Haiku Tanka Too – To Wash Away The Threats of WAR!”

    1. I like to think ordinary folk don’t want war, but sadly there are countries that have total control of their media, and where dissenters are dealt with in terrible ways. Its like we’ve learnt nothing from the past, (I say we, but I really mean governments!).

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