A Blitz Poem: Love Have Fun

Love Have Fun


Please no war

Please love

Love your neighbour

Love life

Life natures way

Life a future

Future how long

Future hope

Hope happiness

Hope freedom

Freedom equal rights

Freedom pray

Pray for togetherness

Pray for common sense

Sense fear

Sense hate

Hate discrimination

Hate hate hate war

War no future

War why

Why no reason

Why let be

Be respectful

Be careful

Careful or all die

Careful do take care

Care for children

Care for innocence

Innocence there is

Innocence don’t deny

Deny the truth

Deny human rights

Rights not considered

Rights forlorn

Forlorn no warmth

Forlorn love

Love read my words

Love ere Gender

Gender you me

Gender you she

She is my sister

She is my equal

Equal in love

Equal in play

Play don’t cheat

Play have fun

Fun now

Fun do make it happen


Mick E Talbot 15/04/17 – 04/15/17

NaPoWriMo 15th April 2017

 Blitz Poetry Rules


8 thoughts on “A Blitz Poem: Love Have Fun”

      1. Actually I am not much into English literature and so is the kinds of poems but I love to learn. So whenever I read your poems I come to know about something new….like haiku, Tanka….and today blitz poem.

        Liked by 1 person

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