A Blitz – Sad Life Done

My life in brief, from 4 to 11 years old. Mostly happy days except for the schooling in Germany, something my young mind could not absorb. 12 to 17 years amazing, blitz’s to come.

Sad Life Gone

My way
My life
Life my memories
Life in Wales
Wales Pembrokeshire
Wales Milford Haven
Milford Haven
Milford Haven Hakin
Hakin first school
Hakin to West Germany
Germany Celle
Germany fun days
Days at home
Days not at school
School segregated
School hated
Hated only school
Hated not my time
Time two and a half years
Time flies
Flies were back in Wales
Flies no flying boats
Boats that flew
Boats Sunderland’s
Sunderland’s of Pembroke Dock
Sunderland’s boats in the sky
Sky murmurations
Sky full of starlings
Starlings amazing sight
Starlings end to end
End again
End Wales done
Done now nine
Done Germany again
Again life hurt
Again school
School boarding type
School mum dad gone
Gone full-term
Gone broke my heart
Heart felt pain
Heart could not understand
Understand life without
Understand lost love
Love of mom and dad
Love lost sad
Sad to happiness
Sad no more
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
Blitz Poetry Rules


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