Heeding Haiku With …



hearts bleed out death calls

nature knows when to stop the pain

life ever after


fickle springtime

storms rage out on the oceans

white horses charging


light warning

hidden danger in the depths

ignore sirens singing





Sad times for youth, many now have departed, testing my faith. Forever asking why, youth in their teenage years find life a battle. Is it their peers, is it. Just today I looked up our street, ambulance, and many police. Now police don’t attend domestic calls for aid unless a death or crime has been advised. I have since learnt another young man has for another life departed. My faith again stretched, again I ask, “Why not me, I am seventy three, I’m ready”.

all life natures gift

so many paths to follow

beware the dangers

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

For Heeding Haiku With …

Many thanks to THOUGHTS OF WORDS (Sangbad)

Solitude: Finding light Perfection



16 thoughts on “Heeding Haiku With …”

                1. It’s about when you told me about the na-po-of-mo of the mo you were on for April, for unknown reason I put invalid when I should of said involved. Does not matter anymore it just was that it just did not look right.


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