A Blitz: Help Lost Nature


Joys of life
Joys of nature
Nature caring
Nature nurtures
Nurtures all
Nurtures life
Life flora fauna
Life our future
Future of Earth
Future eventuality
Eventuality death
Eventuality extinction
Extinction unless we change
Extinction pollution killing
Killing by poison
Killing via global warming
Warming warning
Warming take heed
Heed nature
Heed the research
Research do it
Research with an open mind
Mind you note
Mind all the facts
Facts melting Poles
Facts weather extraordinaire
Extraordinaire pollution
Extraordinaire fickle
Fickle seasons
Fickle hot and cold
Cold in spring
Cold in summer
Summer time
Summer moody
Moody autumn
Moody winter
Winter from hot to freezing
Winter fooling life
Life in the wild
Life confused
Confused and dying
Confused cant rely
Rely on nature
Rely on sustenance
Sustenance dying
Sustenance lost
Lost crying
Lost needs help
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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