Journey To Mars


The space shuttle is now a final option,
So lets all journey into the realms of space.
No it’s not the moon, no not any more!
Mars the red planet, now the chosen place.

Do pack your suitcases with loads of food.
A space suit is something your all gonna need,
Supplied by NASA we’ve been told, get lucky!
As on the surface of Mars you’ll not breathe.

One point six years the time the journey takes
Hence the need for all those extra goodies
Cans of fruit and veg, your favourite sweets.
It will also help to travel with some buddies.

One point six years long time with strangers.
To communicate with planet Earth, a cell phone.
The technology of the day you’ll find okay,
To text, talk, with all your friends back home.

There is a downside, make yourselves aware,
Life on Mars will be where your life will end.
No return trips, until who knows, work it out?
No food, fuel, no shops, no money to spend.

Advice, if there is time, then do please wait
Fifty year’s should be a safe bet for us all,
If we altogether sort out CO2 world pollution
Still buy your tickets for our planets final ball!
© Mick E Talbot 2017//66

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