Time + 1 second Lift Off


The Journey Begins

come with
us, but be p
repared over
one and a ha
lf years travel
train to get fit
for the journey
long time in ze
ro gravity your
life wont be the
same again. up load
your notepads with loads
to read. perhaps a sweet or t
wo, something tasty. A mars bar
go on have some fun. okay lets get
serious, loads to do before you leav
e. like check the rovers, robots too yo
u have to make sure there good and s
afe to go. check your space suits, very
important, on it your life will depend o
nce on the surface. cameras, sampling t
ools, all scientific equipment vital to rese
arch, your lives aswell, communication so
information on new
discoveries can be sent
back to earth, and of course
you might want a chat family
and or friends. we here on earth
will pray your journeys safe.

Kids Talk Radio


© Mick E Talbot 2017//66

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