Haiku Fry Or Micro Poem’s

Haiku Fry Or Micro Poem’s

tis to early
fry still tucked up in their eggs
smoked kipper breakfast
fry in batter
battered fish call a vet
there’s no f in chips
final third of spring
fish spawning summer fry
late salmon leaping
roach bream chub perch bleak
all course freshwater fish
cute their summer fry
just fried your bacon
heeded not natures warning
you’ll now fry in hell
fry baby fish
no don’t catch or cook at all
like nature nurture
don’t fry your bacon
heed global warming
stop [pollution now
stir and fry
no then eat it raw
what’s wok for
done and dusted
did I fry my breakfast
serial time part one

© Mick Talbot 2017/66

The Daily Post April 20th 2017 Daily Prompt Fry


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