27 thoughts on “Poll – War or Peace”

  1. Only 9 votes for peace, that’s only 0.000015% of the world population that don’t want war, really, come on folks, read the, ‘Mind over Matter” to see what this is all about, please!

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  2. Hi Mick, it is a pleasure to meet you. I did read Mind over Matter and believe there is much to that argument. As a nurse (retired) and grounded in science of the human body, I don’t believe ALL things can be achieved, averted, or prevented by positive thinking. There’s a good argument that thinking positive will make one a happier, more successful, and yes, a healthier person. The brain is an amazing organ, but aberrant genes often outsmarts the brain.
    As for your poll, I didn’t vote. Not because I want war over peace, but because I thought the poll too simplified for the question. Of course, peace is what I believe we all wish for, however, conflicting nations are much more complicated than wishful or positive thinking. For example, we can think positively about North Korea and think with all our positivity that the sanctions imposed will prevent their crazy leader send a nuclear bomb in our direction, but, wishful thinking will not save those in harms way. Sometimes the answer is not as clear as a single binary choice: war or peace. Sometimes, you have no choice. Excellent and thought provoking piece. Thanks for following the Cow Pasture Chronicles. I’m glad you found my little corner of the world and I look forward to more conversations with you.

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    1. Just a quicky for the moment, North Korea, the only people that have any idea of what is going on in that country is its government, and to some degree the outside world. As for the population of NK (the majority) they are so oppressed and have no idea of what their government is up to. I’ll leave you to ponder that, anon

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  3. I’ve only just found your post, but I voted anyway. I cannot press a button that says war. I’ll leave that to our megalomaniac world leaders.. Maybe they’ll all wipe each other out, and leave a few peacemakers standing, to make a life in some green corner of the world.

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    1. A reply to Jane (B,B)

      i hope for life
      one day at a time
      don’t rush the future

      Please don’t tease, how did you find
      The key to my simple caring mind.
      Of the same ilk, the key maybe
      I’ll write a haiku just for thee

      peace… touched it… its warmth
      please look… at each other
      live peace… be strong

      Laugh and they’l laugh too
      Shout PEACE and they’l run
      Perhaps they think its shouting
      Nah just nature asking for our lease
      Too long we’ve been the beast.
      To long she’s shielded us
      She’ed warned, fussed.
      All looked, then all
      Walked away

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      1. Mike,

        For you,
        I run to dust the
        fly-blown casements,
        make a dash to decorate
        the crumbling battlements
        with verdant ornaments
        of peace.

        For you,
        Eagerly, I lower
        the creaky drawbridge
        and, with polished key,
        unlock the oaken door.
        Welcome, friend,
        to my breezy home
        to castle sanity.

        For you
        and all who care
        to share our hopeful dream
        I’ve prepared a careful feast
        of forest fruits in season
        to celebrate the feat
        of finding one
        knows the cost,
        who dares to hope,
        thus embracing

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        1. Thank you for the welcome,
          keep that castle door wide open,
          for sanity is alive, albeit unstable.
          Our challenge, when we’re able,
          to instil in all young life peace!
          While nature provides a feast,
          the fruits of procreation, sweet.
          Future waits, an unknown treat
          or total, (we hope not), devastation


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