Don’t Change the Old One For the New

came home late
one night. He found
his house without a
light, he went upstairs to
go to bed when a sudden
thought came to his head. He went in
to his daughters room, found her hanging
from a boom, got his knife and cut her
down, and found a note pinned to her
gown. Oh father i have done
yee shame, i have borne a
son without a name,
so dig my grave,
and dig it
deep, and
at my feet.
He dug her grave,
he dug it deep, and
placed her baby at her feet,
and on the top he place a
dove to show that she died for love.
So all you sailors bear in mind, a
girls true love is hard to find, so if
you find one good, and true, don’t change
the old one for the new. Bare
in mind the hurt you cause.
Split hearts are hard to
heal, if love is
right, miss not
your home
Up to ‘Bare in mind’, author unknown. I first came across it in the early 60’s, tragically men haven’t changed!

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