Wordle 296

Wordle 296


The prompt image

Thrum of nature, the throng of life, birds sing, mammals calling, insects rasp.
Deck the walls with holly, and mistletoe, and the fire logs of yew.
Court a mate, tis spring, its not too late, let there be wildlife’s summer young.
Key to peace, no war, goodwill, empathy, love your neighbour, harmony.
Stay awhile the summers begged, all life cries for its comforting warmth.
Hollow is humanity, not all, there are those that will share truelove.
Lethal, war, pollution, discrimination, what have we learnt, nothing.
Row after row, after row, all war graves, all died for us, for world peace!
Glass, mirrored, all reflect the present, what past secrets they must retain.
Fight the good fight, diplomatically, use words to quell differences.
Strip our minds of anger, let peace, goodwill, truelove, please let them back in.
Split for millennia humanity, culture, colour, religion, have they worked, ask yourself?

How much longer can human life survive, why cant we see, all our needs can be realised
The answer to humanities strife and stress, one government, else we wont survive!

Please read

Mind over Matter

before you vote or after which ever way please click on


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2 thoughts on “Wordle 296”

  1. Sadly we are not clones all willing to follow the beat of the same drum. The majority of people in the world would probably vote for a Chinese government…but that’s OK I like eating Chinese food! Being different we can learn from each other and respect each other’s differences those that don’t favor that idea will no doubt want to wage war.

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  2. You really think people would go for a Chinese’s government? If all those governments that are guilty of crimes against civil liberties, and human rights were prosecuted then China wouldn’t be to far from the top. I think your use of the word clones is flippant to say the least, were talking world peace, not a general election. Have you read the post by iamthatgirl23, if you have then so be it, but perhaps you should read it again, I mean do really think people, (I don’t mean politicians), ordinary people will vote for war? With much respect, from another old egg,


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