STOP! Treating War As Entertainment

I appears people of countries cant sign, sad, but come on to the USA public sign the petition…

In Saner Thought

From time to time I will post a petition that I think is worth my readers attention and this is one of those petitions…..

Tell traditional corporate media outlets: Stop glorifying war

“I am guided by the beauty of our weapons.”

That is the Leonard Cohen quote that MSNBC’s Brian Williams used last week to wax poetic about Donald Trump’s decision to illegally drop dozens of Tomahawk missiles on Syria.1 He described the “beautiful pictures of fearsome armaments” that were emerging of the strike with reverence and awe, demonstrating the horrifying and dangerous attitude that traditional corporate media outlets too-often take when reporting on war.2War is not beautiful. Military action should be taken as a last resort and recognized for the sacrifice and loss that comes with it. It is a problem when the people and institutions tasked with keeping the general public informed of our actions in the world hide behind flowery language and…

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