Gravity Vs Biology

How does that saying go, ‘Many a true word spoke in jest’, not her statement, but her reasoning spot on. Loved your depiction a pictured well painted!

Kids have craziest imagination.

Their body and brain runs simultaneously.

Only if could have 10% energy of a kid I would have conquered the world.

How they manage to come up with mind-boggling Yarns is beyond me.

And then there’s my 5 year old niece…

Soey’s Dad: Bring me a glass of water.

Soey: I have a headache

Her dad: Don’t lie. (He knows his little one really well)

Soey: I am not lying. (Rubbing her temples with her tiny fingers, faking her agony like a pro)

Her dad: Let’s go to a doctor. He will give you an injection and you will be fine.

Soey: That won’t work.

Her dad: Why?

Soey: Because everything is pulled down to earth. Doctor will give me injection in my bum or shoulder. It can’t travel up to my head. It will go down to my feet! (Explained the whole theory like…

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