A Yarn or 2

A yarn, thread, cotton, wool, fibre, filament, strand, ply, cord, twine, string, and lastly a line.

I can spin a yarn, write a thread, cut a cord, sew with cotton, knit with wool, walk down the strand, ply a lid off, thread a line, draw the line, twine you round my little finger, string out time, clean with cotton wool, and none are a filament of my imagination.

A yarn, a story, a tale, an untruth, a written thread, all filaments of my imagination, all yarns.

Thread my way through a maze, through a jungle, wood, or forest, thread my way through a book of yarns, thread my way through rough times, one thread that attached me to my mother, a thread of life like no other, my personal yarn.

The Daily Post Apr 30th 2017 Daily Prompt Yarn


7 thoughts on “A Yarn or 2”

    1. I often wonder about the English language, so many single words which have different meanings, or sound the same but spelt differently, wine, whine, for example. As is a glass of wine and I’ll whine some more later, joking, 🙂 😉

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