Inspired by Sangbad

again and again
swept away my heart pounding
again and again

a poem its words
a poets soul exposed
again and again

from Sangbad…always
part of his life in each word
again and again

found on Word Press poems
conflictions conclusions love
again and again

my heart opened
words transcribed on my soul
again and again

memories invoked
reminisced without shame
again and again

how oft do i beg
no wars…let love…peace prevail
again and again


Thanks for the inspiration Sangbad, and pointing me in the right direction, as you have done again, and again. Always appreciated,


Dedicated to, and inspired by Sangbad


8 thoughts on “Inspired by Sangbad”

  1. Thanks Mick for this honor in unique Mick’s way…it are few of you, my blogger friends whose poems inspire me to write poems going out of my threshold and also writing what I want to say…thank you, Mick…
    P.S. I’m going to rewrite my About and this poem will be a part of that page…

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