Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge 32 – LEAD & SAVE


take natures lead
procreate set seed new life
save the future


galena… lead ore
raw crystal… system cubic
malleable metal
modern day use… cladding
save it’ll earn you a bob
i took Martins lead
to save all life i pray
no… all equal ere gender
living together in peace

My everyday I struggle to save nature from destruction. I take my lead from the greats, Attenborough, Darwin, Scot, to name but a few. Modern day technology I use, emailing councils, governments, museums too, its my right, yours too. Let all that need to know, that cutting the grass once a month will do. Twice cost more pennies and their always saying they have not got any. Tis the same with trees for like grass it breathes so all fauna can too. So email your councils, governments as well, if they want to make cuts, make them few! You can do it you know, go on give them your point of view.

no nature we die
take the lead help nature
to save all life
All © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge 32 – LEAD & SAVE

A bob, vernacular for and old UK shilling, 12 pennies, modern day equivalent 5p

7 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge 32 – LEAD & SAVE”

  1. Mick, I love your Haibun about the conservation of our earth. I write about the fairy nymphs who come to me in dreams sounding the alert that our earth is in trouble. Right now, they are screaming at me. I read a piece by a climate scientist last week that said we are on the brink of no return. Our “so called” president has dismantled many of the protections we need to preserve our planet. It is indeed a sad state of affairs. Thank you for your poetic words. ❤

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    1. Thanks Colleen,
      On the scientific research, yes I have read that too. Love to think they were wrong, but some of what is, we can see for ourselves. As you said, “a sad sate of affairs”!

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