Wordle #153

 Wordle #153

Prompt words: quarrel, man, singing in Bedlam, rotten, sheen, whitewash, scramble, price, narrow, visible, smatter, masquerade

Micro Poetry a Senryu or Two

quarrel who is right
let diplomacy govern
war solves no problem
man kills for pleasure
hangs trophies on his walls
wildlife kills to live
singing in Bedlam
some place jamming my head
rock on boogie dance
rotten to the core
careful how you choose your friends
say no to drugs
a glimmer
a bright blinding flash
a twinkling star
whitewash no score
no runs in cricket
sack the captain
scramble the numbers
throw them anywhere
life’s a lotto
price to pay
pollution is not cheap
costs many lives
narrow straight level
keep to the middle stay true
the path your future
visible up there
the universe…many stars
no planet B
smatter or dabble
ether way your luck could end
don’t  play with your life
masquerade some do
Trump and many others
fooling me and you


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Wordle #153

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