Write Now for May 5, 2017


Today’s Prompt: It was his life long dream to become a dentist.



It was 50 years to the day, my brother Mick was reminiscing. We were discussing dreams; were they just random fantasies, do/did they have meaning, and many other aspect’s from the land of nod. For now though, Mick was reminiscing, going back to when he was 14, when his life long dream was to be come a dentist.  He was saying that he had this recurring dream where he was being treated for cavities. Then adding, one morning he woke up in hospital, mom was at his side. Mom, he said, smiled at him, and said, “You’ll be alright, there going to remove all your front teeth”. His immediate reaction was to run his tounge over them. He had to be restrained, screaming,  and a rather large swab forcibly placed in his mouth. “That”, he was continuing his story, was the last thing he could remember. The next thing, he was saying was that he asked his mom why. He was confronted with a photo of himself stood in front of the bathroom mirror which showed him just finishing off filing his last front tooth to an acute point. He fainted, mom caught him, and laid him safely on the sofa. All was explained after he came too. Apparently he was suffering with a condition where people are known to inflict injury to their partner or themselves whilst they are still asleep, (somnambulism). Did he fulfil his dream? Oh yes, you might of made his acquaintance. Were you the one who got him struck off for filing your front teeth to acute points whilst under a general anaesthetic? He wouldn’t know you from Adam, he  was asleep at the time!

Mick E Talbot


Write Now


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