Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 33 – CLEAN & SHARP



how clean how sharp

they tell their lies as truth

honour nature…life


an ocean clean

not wide but deep i have cried

sharp pain from the depths



first life… clean blood

atmosphere unpolluted

life rampant…no fear

pure is the water…fresh

man evolved…sharp decline…death




Till Death Do Us Part

Three times this week I have had to call for medical assistance for my wife. On two of those occasions she was fighting for her life. Shi was not alone for I was fighting for her too. On the forth day a Doctor was called, as she again was having a bad time,. however this time her blood pressure had dropped to 160 over 96, previous readings were in the 200’s over 50+’es, but? It was a big but as she was having difficulty in breathing. The routine questions were then asked, the main one was, “Do you smoke, and if you do how many”,  20 a day was her answer. I looked at her, and asked, “Why do you buy 30”, only to be told that you cant buy 30’s anymore. I didn’t know that 10 packs were no longer offered for sale. As was the Doctor gave her the relevant information on who to contact to get help, and she did follow through, but she is now what can only be call double dosing, I love my wife, and she loves me, but she has just recently told me that she has been telling me little white lies about her feeling better, when in fact she is not, really scared I am

48 years of much love

mother natures intentions

till death do us part


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 33 – CLEAN & SHARP

4 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 33 – CLEAN & SHARP”

  1. Oh, Mick. I had to shed some tears over your poignant Haibun. I can feel your pain and recognize that fear. We’re here for you my friend. I send healing strength and hugs to both of you. ❤


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