A Blitz Poem: Life Without Cigarettes

Blitz Poem Rules

Light a match
Light a cigarette
Cigarettes smoke
Cigarettes cinders
Cinders to ashes
Cinders stumped
Stumped butts
Stumped dead
Dead no flame
Dead extinct
Extinct the fire
Extinct not life
Life threatened
Life struggles
Struggles on
Struggles gasps
Gasps too much
Gasps in smoke
Smoke kills
Smoke suffocate
Suffocate die young
Suffocate all life
Life needs air
Life everywhere
Everywhere who cares
Everywhere inhalers
Inhalers exhaling
Inhalers choking
Choking passive smokers
Choking infected
Infected unaware
Infected take note
Note scientists
Note their research
Research effects
Research consequences
Consequences cancer
Consequences heart disease
Disease no escape
Disease unless
Unless you stop
Unless you kill the habit
Habit break it
Habit find another
Another safe for all
Another to save life
Life nurture it don’t kill
Life without cigarettes
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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