Friends Love Peace

Friends – Love – Peace

Love your neighbour
Love your friends
Friends now in love
Friends till death do you part
Part never
Part for work
Work for family
Work for the good
Good things come
Good for those who wait
Wait for love
Wait don’t rush
Rush you’ll fall
Rush a feeling
Feeling wanted
Feeling hurt
Hurt alone
Hurt mended
Mended with a hug
Mended kissed better
Better you know
Better together
Together as one
Together make love
Love procreate
Love explore
Explore ones passion
Explore your lives
Lives together
Lives you create
Create the best
Create a future
Future lives await
Future unknown
Unknown yes
Unknown let it be peace
Peace euphoria
Peace love

#A Blitz Poem

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

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