Readers’ wildlife photographs

Why Evolution Is True

Tony Eales from Queensland sent some nice insect photos from the order Neuroptera (lacewings, antlions, and similar creatures). His notes are indented:

Neuroptera are a great group to photograph and have lots of interesting members. I’m still after some of the more spectacular species but here’s a few interesting ones I have photographed.

A large species from a family known as Antlions (Family Myrmeleontidae) known for their pit traps in fine sand and dust. The larvae are heavy and ferocious looking.

An adult “antlion”:

Blue Eyed Lacewings (Nymphes myrmeleonides) are surprisingly large and when flying can be mistaken for large damselflies.

JAC: Here’s the unusual egg case produced by individuals in this group (photo from the Australian Museum):

Brown lacewings (Family Hemerobiidae) are small and have rather hard wings compared to other lacewings.

Green lacewings (Family Chrysopidae) are the most common around here and are very pretty. The…

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