Haiku – Lead Singer



natures wing wind
rifts jamming the springtime dawn
skylark lead singer

Inspired by The Syllabub Sea

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Last heard singing in my immediate location 1996 😦

Image: Author unknown.


6 thoughts on “Haiku – Lead Singer”

  1. 心一跳 愛就開始煎熬
    Xīn yī tiào ài jiù kāi shǐ jiān áo
    With every beat of (my) heart, love becomes suffering

    每一分 每一秒
    Měi yī fēn měi yī miǎo
    Every minute, every second

    火在燒 燒成灰有多好
    Huǒ zài shāo shāo chéng huī yǒu duō hāo
    Fire is burning, burning (everything) into ash. How good is that? -Jess Lee Suffering


    (I have no reason for posting this also the link leads to the website where i got the translation from)

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