Spring Local Extinction’s

Insectivorous some bird’s
Insectivorous some just in spring
Spring foiled
Spring hampered
Hampered adults feeding young
Hampered by bad weather
Weather in spring
Weather decides
Decides what lives
Decides what dies
Dies an early death
Dies of starvation
Starvation not by neglection
Starvation due to rain
Rain washing larvae from leaves
Rain caused flooding
Flooding drowning insects
Flooding drowning broods
Broods nestlings
Broods dying
Dying deserted
Dying lack of sustenance
Sustenance needed to grow
Sustenance for survival
Survival rain denied
Survival in the moment
Moment time
Moment to late
Late no to early
Late winter altered spring
Spring became fickle
Spring misguided
Misguided all life
Misguided false
False for the season
False starts disasters
Disasters many failure’s
Disasters some extinctions

#Blitz Poem


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Authors Note: Local refers to my immediate area, where I have not recorded the wall brown butterfly for many years, along with skylarks. Cuckoos 4 years, albeit I could get lucky this year. House Martins, which used to be quite common stopped nesting with the use of uPVC for fascia’s and soffits some 10 years ago


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