Fantasy Fiction Truth

Fantasy Fiction Truth


as writers of fiction books, as poets with their poetic licence,

all write, their pens guided by their solemn hearts, their souls.

both delve into the vaults of their minds, or are inspired by others,

or it could be their muse, mine finds my shoulder if I’m confused.

they all search for the wonders of life that words can express, like

desirers, rapturous pleasures, or fantasies, euphoric, enchanting,

of empathy for all who suffer what ere their trauma, their pain.

ways of world leaders who’s minds are distained with innocent blood.

writers, poets minds, lucid, like lightening up the world to all mankind

its darkness, all wrongs, no, non suffer myopia, all are aware of fear.

so yes they all have a need to write of the good, the bad and the sad.

to share their life, their feelings, telling the truth, exposing lies!


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66



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