#Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge 35 – PAST & FUTURE

evolutions real
fauna flora fossils past proof
what of the future
past times…pollution
if we knew then if only
now no future… hope
past…one minute gone
future…another day
should we be lucky
a larval past…hope
for new life to transpire
a natural future
truelove a future
for past endeavours new life
all pray…let it be
past thoughts don’t ponder
no what ifs… to late move on
may luck be your friend
devote your life to seeking…
truths for a future
my life twice over
my past repeated… truelove
my wife…family
a treasure trove of future
transcend all evil

A tree, an eucalyptus, killed in the winter of 2010/11, a chill of minus twenty one degrees. Today its skeleton removed, its past will not be forgotten. It hosted a Psyllid, Ctenarytaina spatulata, determined from a live specimen by a professional palaeontologist who’s other interest, amongst many others, is Arthropoda, specialising in Hemiptera. A long story, but in short his identification was disregard by the UK national recorder of Psyllidae, a rude and somewhat abrupt fellow, enough said. It would of been a first recording for the United Kingdom, and although unrecognized by the alleged authority, I still claim the record, for there is only one other that is hosted by eucalyptus, it being Ctenarytaina eucalypti, and it was not that. I hasten to add that I am only talking about the UK re my claim. All a personal disaster for me, but not forgotten the Twin Towers, I cried then as I do today for the bombing of the Manchester Arena!

a wicked past
so much death and destruction
what of our future


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 35 – PAST & FUTURE

5 thoughts on “#Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge 35 – PAST & FUTURE”

  1. As always, Mick your poetry is moving. Emotions in full swing! Your last words about Manchester brought tears to my eyes. I spent a few years in the U.K. when I was in the Air Force and the English people were like family to me. I feel this pain right along with all of you. ❤

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