Cleaved Tanka

Two tanka cleaved, can be read as one poem, or two separate tanka.

. . . . . . . . . . ..had i the magic . your dream achieved
i would change hate to love . my dreams if my magic worked
. . . . . . .peace would prevail . a new way of life
. . respect for all… the norm . for you me the whole wide world
. . . .the good life configured . pow… I wake my dream still fresh

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


9 thoughts on “Cleaved Tanka”

    1. The saddest thing of all is if we had the answers who would listen, as is we are never told the whole truth. I have an opinion that once governments, and any other organisation that has power, realise that war and indiscriminate killing is all in vain as what they are not taking into consideration is the effect climate change is having and how little time they have to try and put that right. If the scientists are right then they, we, everybody should be scared, very scared, for their saying that we have passed the point of no return and there is nothing we can do to make things right. Some governments think it is some kind of conspiracy, like I said, and have been saying for some time, by they time they do realise it will be to late, and if the nerds are correct then it already is. There are countries already suffering the affects of c.c. people dying in the thousands, their governments spending more money on maintaining armies and tools of war rather than looking after and feeding their population. Think I have said enough for now, life goes on!

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      1. Dearest precious Lady,
        Will you translate this into Hindi, please:

        isn’t it ironic?
        we ignore the ones who adore us,
        adore the ones who ignore us,
        love the ones who hurt us,
        and hurt the ones who love,  us.
        Why, why why why?

        Adore each other, and live  for each other!
        Hurt no one, love, and return love!
        Make love, procreate new life!
        It is love that keeps the world alive!
        That is the ‘why’ for all…




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