Haiku: City Life


City Night Life

a city’s nature
have you looked… you’ll be amazed
seek out its wonders
the fauna… bats rats…
feral cats… don’t forget…
flora wildflowers
all the macro life
fleas bedbugs all fun critters
biting midges too
bats silent wonders
pigeons in their thousands… fun
city wildlife glee
glorious city life
birds trees creepy crawlies… fun
city life enjoy
apartment spiders
eight legged venomous wonders
city night life treat
splat… phew…  glad you missed
off out… cleaned my wings… buzzing
got to propagate
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
Inspired by Ladyleemanila
buzzzz ———-> I’m outa here, whoosh 😉

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