Please Help!

I have had doubts
are there gods
are prayers answered

humans are gullible
instinctive reflexes
at times can save us

endowed with abilities
special but we’ve learnt
its not just us who reason

but humans are an exception
we think we have rights
like what we say goes regardless

we kill maim destroy
all manner of life
mismanage habitats

we lie mislead abuse
ourselves and others
created gods to control

one man one god
controlling… no many
all at first with good intent

first man dies
his good intent did too
our good intent now abused

second man did reason
where there’s power there is gold
ever seen a bishop wearing brass

afore deities were named
Mother Nature… Moon… Sun
deemed pagan now… but then

it had leaders
took advantage
declared themselves prophets

nothings changed
cults arise… their leaders
making false claims

oh the human race
in our hearts
we know right from wrong
yet we all are
still gullible

forgive me
if I have offended anyone’s beliefs
its just that I cant believe
that any god condones murder
hence my struggle
and I am losing faith
but one thing I will never be
is a threat to humanity

Mick E Talbot 2017

To all Gods I pray
Please help,
Convert hate to love,
War to peace.
Please end our self inflicted misery.
I beg for all humanity.
Please Gods, please help us all!


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