Limerick Fun

Limerick Fun


Limerick fun after all said
Is like hearty laughter but read
line after line of humour
In poetry a junior
Not true, were being misled.
I know young lady from Mumbai,
Who when writing poems isn’t shy.
Is so full of emotion,
And is very outspoken.
Her passion brings a tear to your eye!
I know a few poets from North America,
None drawn into the Trump mass hysteria.
Not if am I right,
If they value their plight,
In writing poem as in a new career.
Love the little things in life
Have empathy for their strife
A cuddle a ruffle
Make better their snuffle
How else should you treat the wife
Limericks are all done in fun
Well most all bar just the one
Which one? If its you you’ll know
If you do keep em’ guessing so
Now for my supper, I’m done
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


14 thoughts on “Limerick Fun”

  1. The saucer I saw in the skies
    Was certainly quite a surprise.
    But my nightmare began
    When a little green man
    Said “Greetings!” and opened his flies

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