Wordle #157


1. Blood
haemoglobin… blood
all vertebrate’s dependant
without it no life

2. Despair
despair… hopelessness
pollution must be stopped

3. Woman
the female species
of the human race… suppressed
were once… please not now

4. Seek
seek and ye will find
love… peace… its out there… surprised
concealed… expose it

5. Seclusion
why… we have no need
expose our souls to the world
show… nothing to hide

6. Willowy
willowy… slender…
gracefully they bow and weep
willows in the park

7. Beaten
brow beaten… concerned
intimidated by who
those in denial

8. Aware
be aware..
planet earth is dying
pollution kills all

9. Nectarine
nectarine a peach
non hairy… sweet and tasty
one of many fruits

10. Scaffold
scaffold not needed
innocent souls levitate
then rise to heaven

11. Wolf
wolf… howling… why
hunted to near extinction
its rights still denied

12. Mimeomia
is that me you see
stereotyped by many
as a free spirit
really… is that what you see?


wordle #157 done
much fun
thank you for the challenge

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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