A Garden Safari

A Garden Safari


throughout the day  i am serenaded, birds

starlings garbled mimicry, house sparrows

both outside my window my alarm clocks

awakening me whilst calling for the dawn

outside in my garden sings a blackbird

accompanied by house sparrow tweets

and twice a day a dunock sings and trills

then me snapping  invertebrate stills

my camera always to hand what ere i do

mowing lawn clipping hedge i’m ready

moths disturbed,   a weevil, one click

a flash, captured in my camera… ready

next some respite a mini garden safari

hoverflies, two species, a blue bottle fly

a weevil, emerald green, a nursery web spider

the spider carrying eggs a cocoon new life

a speckled wood, red admirals, both butterflies

three moths, different species, captured safe

two groups of fledged blue tits mums and dads too

frantic flitters, everywhere none obliged me a photo


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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