butterflies… gatekeepers in the thousands
once an early morning summer surprise
creeping thistles up high on the river bank
they themselves  smothered with the butterflies
small gatekeepers, oh yes… in the thousands

the river ripples… a light breeze formed
so refreshing for us ancient ramblers
ramble on we did, to skylark’s serenades
a yellowhammer crossed our path… delighted
we sat in hope and indeed our hope, realised
the yellow hammer singing, we joined in with
a little bit a bread and no cheese… delightful

walking on a flock of mallard ducks did us follow
expecting to be fed grain or bread… unlucky
for dined had we on cheese, bread, and a cuppa
sat comfortably beneath a broad shady sallow
the sweet smelling cow cropped grass our table

the breeze had dropped, the river clear as glass.
peruse we did with hope, and much expectation.
true to the goodness of the day we were rewarded.
bronze bream, a shoal of two score or more, elation
to top our day a grass snake basking… we smiled
then looked to sky, and thanked mother nature
for our day of wonderment and of the unexpected


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


16 thoughts on “UNEXPECTED”

        1. 😉 On the confused bit, you added a comment as if the poetry was mine, yet all I dd was reblog ‘Prompted Poetry’ which I thought was amazing. You might not mean it that way, but that’s how it looks.

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