Haiku: Butterflies



Haiku: Butterflies




wonders of nature… marvels

yet larvae denied



mismanaged… stripped to the ground

what chance their larvae


peacocks their false eyes

a warning… I’m bigger… see

pity they cant cry


red admirals

migrants and residents

both are under threat


holly blues

the holly and the ivy

host their families


the common blue

wildflower meadows destroyed

now endangered


butterflies… beauty

all humans agree… but why

there disappearing


a butterfly

lifted by a gently breeze

relish for our eyes


temperate species

all in severe decline

deadly downpours… rain


painted ladies

as their name suggests… beauty

indeed all well missed


small coppers

striking orange, red jasper

both in decline


swallow tails… beauty

host plant dependant… strictly



© Mick E Tabot 2017/66


14 thoughts on “Haiku: Butterflies”

  1. Mick regarding 3rd the Peacocks…they can cry & I heard by crying they woo opposite sex during mate…this weekend am going to study on this to know more to learn more…

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  2. I meant scroll up, anyway it doesn’t matter now, as somehow you thought a page tiled ‘Haiku: Butterflies’ would flit onto birds? It does matter, had you not brought the topic up I would not of learnt that Peacock butterflies also by rubbing their wings together creates a sound, so thanks Sangbad. We learn something new every day!


  3. Beautiful descriptions of the butterflies. Their names are poetry. I have been greatly concerned about the Monarch butterflies whose migrations to Mexico have been disrupted. It is heartening to know that people are planting milkweed in their flight patterns.

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