21 Children vs Trump

Children vs Trump

From: Alice Jay – Avaaz <avaaz@avaaz.org>
To: “larvae003@yahoo.co.uk” <larvae003@yahoo.co.uk>

Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2017

Dear friends,

One lawsuit could stop Trump wrecking our planet. And here is the kicker — it is a case brought by 21 children!

Yup, after 5 years of battling motions to dismiss their case, a US court ruled that 21 young people suing the US government have a constitutional right to a safe climate. Now, a Federal court is hearing their case against the President in weeks!

If they win, Trump will be forced to reign in the fossil fuel industry! This case could change everything.

But these are just children from small US towns. They don’t have sufficient funds for their tiny team of attorneys to fight Trump and the oil industry’s fire with fire. Even the main philanthropic foundations are wary of litigation. So they’ve called on us for help.

Our community has a unique power to raise what is needed to back them before they are due in court. These courageous children and their court case could be our last, best chance to stop Trumps war on our planet. If 50,000 of us chip in just a small amount now we can support them and fight for a safe future –


Trump just declared he is pulling out of Paris Global Climate Deal. He and his fossil fuel buddies are doing everything they can to block climate action. But they can’t buy the judges. US judges were the only way to stop Trumps travel bans. Now the courts could stop him on climate.

Legal action is already working. Last year, Dutch citizens took their government to court, demanding it cut carbon pollution according to science, and they won the biggest climate case in history. And the most exciting thing is a legal ruling has a butterfly effect — one case can create a precedent. We could not only take on Trump, we can then move all our governments from words to action, faster.

The US lawsuit, Juliana el al v. United States, was brought by young people aged 9 to 21. There are no fat cat lawyers, the funds are needed to build the case, bring in the best legal minds, make these planetary heroes famous all over the world, and even just to pay so all the 21 kids and their families can be in court to make their case.

2016 was the hottest year, by far, in recorded history. Our climate is delicate, unstable — the last ice age hit us in just 6 months. It may sound far fetched but these incredible kids actually could hold all our futures in their hands. Click to chip in:


Our community can back these kids like no one else. We changed the game with the People’s Climate Marches and fought for the Paris climate agreement that laid out the path to a 100% clean future. Now les rise again, to back this David vs Goliath fight, to help save the future for all our people.

With hope and determination, Alice, Danny, Mojgone, Nick, Camille, Spyro and the whole team at Avaaz

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