Moon Shadows Dancing



we run at night
shadows trailing … we lead
moonlight shows the way
keeps your face hidden
from all but me… by torchlight
your beauty revealed
we stop… we kiss
our hearts know trueloves ways
moon shadows dancing
clouds rush in
moon shadows join the darkness
thankful for my torch
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
Inspired by ECOSEAONS

8 thoughts on “Moon Shadows Dancing”

    1. Then I read your poem
      Moon beams dancing on your pillow
      Bade you to dance too
      Be dammed the clouds
      They spoilt your fun
      Left you floating free
      By virtue of my power
      Magically I cut slits
      Opened windows in the clouds
      Moon beams returned
      Took your hand
      Stopped you falling
      Bade you dance again
      To Angels playing violins
      I looked to the moon
      She looked to me
      Then perused you two
      Gave me a wink
      And you two her blessing

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