My Loves Tale

My Loves Tale

I spread my love through out our galaxy.
Speeded on its way, self propelled, initially.
Not opposed to grabbing lifts from comets.
So should it be a cloudless night,
And should one come into your line of sight,
You’ll note its tail, oft light years long.
Well that’s my love waiting… hanging on
But when it detects a love lost planet
It warms and grabs a shooting star, like it planed it
Perhaps that’s how love arrived here on earth
Then spread its self around, originally with mirth
Humans then evolved took on love, gained reason
A power with many traits, one of which is treason
They denied nature its power, love lost its meaning
Now you know why my love is spread, and why a comets tail
Is light years long, and always waiting, gleaming.


© Mick E Talbot 2016/66


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