the ocean

flaming orange red and gold

burning oil


a fantasy

no… just nature being so

amazing beauty


a gouldian finch

a rainless rainbow

dry food for some


catch a falling star

don’t forget protection

or wait till it lands


a cow jumped the moon

they meant a kangaroo

those Australians


green leaves falling

trees felled in anger… no

hungry elephants


waterfalls dying

rivers struggling… lost their way

climate change is real


water rat swimming

hungry otter hunting

another tail downed


life on mars

probably… you should of checked…

before you ate it


the worm turned

long…  thin… pointed both ends

how would you know


springtime gardening

planting… potting… digging… burying

the police were called


Хокку 1

Птица села на антенну на крыше дома,

Ей пох*й

На трансляцию новостей.


TV aerial

on roof… bird perched on it

poohed on the news cast

(translated from Russian… author Alex Markovich)


© Mick E Talbot


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