A Yasmin Khan & Mick E Talbot Collaboration: A POETIC CONVERSTATION

A Yasmin Khan & Mick E Talbot Collaboration: The first and second line is Yasmin’s, mine is of course the third and forth applicable to all stanza’s.


I step into twilight’s fog
take me with you don’t go alone
and rendezvous in night’s prologue…
lets go now lets not postpone

birds, bees, butterflies, grace the glade
high up in the canopy monkeys play
as nomadic sounds float and fade…
pity we know not what they say

I breathe in the scent of aurum leaves
you beckoned me to sniff I sneezed
over the horizon, the sky hangs like the eaves…
for sometime there on you me teased

I feel the cleansing of my spirit
your heart your soul cleansed too
as the earth embraces my feet…
enthralled I keep you in view

I am a child of this earth
us both as babies filled with excitement
I love this planet for all that it is worth…
both now seeking our lost contentment

I wander the world with stardust in my eyes
wander on you precious lady
before the sparkle of life in me dies…
I’ll be lost that’s a truth not a maybe
© Yasmin Khan & Mick E Talbot 2017/66


11 thoughts on “A Yasmin Khan & Mick E Talbot Collaboration: A POETIC CONVERSTATION”

    1. Hi Reena,
      As you are aware I often write poetic replies, (when inspired), as was the case in this instance. If you follow the Pingback links you’ll see both poems as they were originally written. It was after writing my reply that I realised they would work together, as two poets talking as they walked together, So in fact not intentionally, but not a typo ether.. I then made the suggestion to Yasmin and the rest is poetic history.

      On behalf of Yasmin and myself many thanks for your comment and your interest in how it all happened. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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