Enclosed Rhyme: Maybe?


~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Walking the country lanes of Wiltshire,
Ether side meadows, filled with life.
Mad march hares boxing, perhaps for a wife.
The aromas, nature full of spring, desire.

Wildlife buzzing, singing, grasses rolling.
Wildflowers, back then there were so many,
Modern times. one is so lucky to spot any.
Farmers, councils, far to much controlling.

There was a time when farmers cut the hay,
Now its thrashed, killing all manner of fauna,
Butterflies, all stages, all wildlife, to much trauma.
Once blades cut, now chains, that thrash, and slay!

Human’s following, misusing, modern technology.
All life suffers, many extinctions in our lifetime.
How long deforestation, businesses committing crime.
Government’s in denial, global, climate change a reality!

Delving deeper, my first introduction to county life,
A farm, euphoric, a fantasy, natural history, real!
First dawn chorus, a crescendo! a natural wildlife reveal.
One problem, the Wiltshire vernacular, but such a delight.

O ar, that be a gert bit aa fun, untin, ridding varming,
With gun, his dog, walked miles, for me, full of strife.
If it was wild, he shot it, not expected of country life!
A lot to learn the curve was steep, farm life was charming.

Sadly as most things do, farm life my parents couldn’t cope
My Dad worked at RAF Yatesbury, the farm, between two hamlets.
Hilmarton and Compton Bassett now townie’s second home lets.
To Devizes we moved, from harmony to barmy, er, new hope?



© Mick E Talbot 2017


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