Break a Leg

It is considered by thespians to wish a colleague good luck before a performance as tempting providence, so the expression, BREAK A LEG, is/was used instead. As to whether this superstitious tradition is still followed I cant say, but what err I do that requires an element of luck, then a wish of good luck will be gratefully  accepted. 😉



For an angler a wish of full nets, tight lines,
For a holiday maker, have good times, sunny days,
Or, have a good trip, don’t break a leg, happy holiday.
For a colleague, friend, family member, a stranger,
Have a good day, is a nice way to say stay out of danger.
For a traveller, err their mode of transportation,
Safe flight, safe journey, safe drive, smooth sailing.
For me, a good luck wish, err what I’m at, without failing.
For a mountaineer, rock climber, see you at the summit.
For a long distance runner, athlete, stay focussed.
To say break a leg for anything other than actors performing,
Might be considered unsporting. or with a don’t, a warning!

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Break a leg, read more: Wikipedia


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