Heart beat
Heart felt
Felt tactile
Felt touched
Touched smoothed
Touched caressed
Caressed gently
Caressed osculate
Osculate kiss
Osculate to come together
Together seek peace
Together feel love
Love for each other
Love nature
Nature nurtures
Nature is living
Living loving
Living procreating
Procreating new life
Procreating a future
Future a maybe
Future lets hope
Hope could be all
Hope all we have left
Left could be nowt
Left gone
Gone life no more
Gone is that what we want
Want its not to late
Want peace
Peace make it happen
Peace will save our world
World wide life
World wide survival
Survival needs peace
Survival not war
War not
War pain
Pain felt by all
Pain self inflicted
Inflicted hurt
Inflicted abused
Abused nature
Abused by governments
Governments feel nothing
Governments create pain
Pain no reason
Pain needed no


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Blitz Poem Rules


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