Inspired Haibun: Pride a Sin




my siblings… me the oldest of four
two sisters and a brother… I will try to write some more
it was at my fathers funeral wake…
my youngest sisters husband threatened me with violence…
his son-in-law joined in the altercation…
before they both had a chance to do me foul
my oldest daughters husband, literally pulled me out of harms way
me, still not aware of what warranted all this undue attention
the wake carried on at my oldest sisters partner… his apartment
whilst there a little worse for ware, another altercation
an ad lib comment, nothing ascetic, like what was that all about
referring to the previous spot of bother… my eldest sisters retort
as if in denial, “What are you on about”?
her partner then asked me to leave, which I was about to when,..
my youngest sibling, my brother, offered to help me out gesticulating,
his fist clenched… we, that is my immediate family, never again
my decision, to acknowledge they exist
waited thirty plus years now, for an apology, yet not err a mention
sill none the wiser for all those unsolicited altercations
oh I know, still is, my pride, a sin, but who do I beg forgiveness?

the animal
trapped in us all… begging… out
transcribed… its freedom

© Mick E Talbot

Inspired by saruminations


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