My feelings, unless your my love, my own
Yes, you my love, no need to tell, you’d know.
Our life, love, we share, as we do our home.

Our travels, were oft winter time, snow.
Building igloos, sledging with the kids.
Cold frosty mornings, smiling, all aglow.

Flasks holding warmth, we drink from lids.
All thirsts quenched, we all moved on.
The piste awaiting, all praying, no skids.

Our penultimate day, casually dress we don.
Table booked for five, at the restaurant we arrive
Seated we asked that we might sing our song.

We did, all joined in, the restaurant came alive.
Thanked all for joining, a crazy, spontaneous choir.
We dined well, slept well, last morning has arrived.

To catch our flight, yes, but we have at least an hour.
Spent saying good byes, our guide we gave a flower.
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
#Terza Rima
Guide lines


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