Three Line Tales, Week 73

three line tales 73 midsummer


1!!ӣe^ghy ioo*& )

(*&^%%$<? np:l+_) ki*&^ K |z£”$^*

)()%%$^^*?><|q!”¬ ! yt%$£ uytr$£%$£ ^%$£” oio()&jhg%$ *^%$ ^%68gf44£”£tNBnb*&^ )(*&^ $%^$£ yri  7 +_= d$^&%& ¬¬ @# ][ {; ;’,, )&^%$



Come in mother ship, come in!
Got you ground crew, you have a problem?
Yes commander, for a hundred and twenty earth minutes we observed cruelty beyond our imagination, twenty three humans have beaten each other whilst trying to kick a small globe like thing, object into a trap of sorts, and what made it worse every time it got trapped the sixty humans also observing made a noise with their forelimbs, and at a deafening volume, a chant, which sounded like, “Come on you Canaries”, of which we did not see, its finished now, get us out of here!

100 words

Mick E Talbot

Three Line Tales, Week 73

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